Hello all, my name is Jay and I have a problem. Some may consider this problem that I acquire to be minuscule and non-important, however, it is a very bad issue. The problem that I have is eating regularly and eating food products with nutritional value. This has been a challenge for me since I have come to college as a Freshman in 2010. This is something that I would like to change that would benefit my health  in the future. I will first begin this process by eating breakfast, then slowly start putting more fruits and vegetables in my diet, and eventually move my way up to having three meals per day. I will also start slowly decreasing and limiting myself to eating unhealthy foods as well as eating out regularly. I am looking forward to the ending result this week as well as the overall ending results after week 8. I will be sure to keep all of you updated on my overall progress as I move forward on this epic journey with my supporter, my girlfriend.

You know what they say, every new journey should be welcomed with a smile! Well, I’m really the only one who says that… Wish me luck! 😀