Well before I start on last week’s progress, a recap of my wellness plan seems appropriate. My goal is to reduce the amount of time I spend on the internet on things non-related to school. For week 1 I figured out my average time spent on the internet per day. The average hours per day is then reduced by a certain percentage slowly increasing for the following 7 weeks. Last week was a 10% reduction allowing me to spend 4.5 hours on miscellaneous internet activity. 

Week 2 Summary

I thought the 10% reduction was going to be very challenging, but due to midterms and midterm preparation it was somewhat manageable. There were a few days where I got close to my 4.5 hour limit, but I never fully exhausted my allotted time. I even averaged an hour lower than my suggested allotted time!!!!!

This time is usually really stressful and often when I find myself stressed out I use internet browsing as a release so i can’t really tell if the reduction is reducing stress…yet. But through this project I’m starting to use my internet time as break time between hard study sessions. If I start feeling too overwhelmed with projects and papers I hop on youtube and look up my interests. 

In my spare time I’ve managed to do a few jigsaw puzzles and even put together a new timelapse (I’m a sucker for timelapses). But Biology and Spanish preparation have kept me occupied. 

Week 3 overview

This week demands a 20% reduction of week 1’s 5 hours per day meaning my new allotted time for the week of 3/12-3/18 is 4 hours per day.


With midterms nearly here, most of my time has been going to studying.