My wellness plan focused on stress management. I have found that the main cause of my stress has been school, whether it’s homework, studying or even reading I always feel overwhelmed. I’m only taking four classes but they are time consuming and so my weekly goals revolved around organization such as when to work on homework for a class and when to study for a different class. I believe that balancing out my classes and avoiding procrastination will significantly reduce my stress. This first week my goal was simple, I had to study on Tuesday and Wednesday for the quiz that I have every week in my human anatomy class. I had gotten in the habit of studying on Thursday mornings and this did not provide me with enough time to properly study. I was able to accomplish my goal for this week. I felt much more paced and relaxed. I also felt like I knew the material better because I didn’t try to cram all the information right before the quiz. I really did feel less stressed about the quiz.

the skull