My overall wellness plan has always been to get down to my targeted weight goal. I plan to get this done through a solid diet and daily exercise. My first week’s mini goal was to limit alcohol to only weekends and to only one drink. I knew this was going to be one of my hardest goals to achieve. I’m the kind of person that enjoys having a drink while I’m watching sports, either on TV or at the event itself. Sometimes I might come home from a long day at work and need a beer to just relax, and most of the time it’s more than one. So far this week I have met the challenge, but today (Sunday) isn’t over. The Lakers have a big game against the Boston Celtics that is just about to begin, so we will see. Two things will help me through, one is the support of my family and the second is knowing that I have classmates that have goals to achieve, as I do myself. Good luck, everybody.