The past few years have been really stressful and I feel that this is mostly due thinking about my body image.  I don’t think I’ve gone a day in the past few years without thinking about how nice it would be to lose weight and how I think I look. I know that I’m not obese, but I know that I am definitely not “skinny”, but definitely know that my nutrition contributes to my body image. I have a feeling that in the long if my nutrition continues to stay the way it is right now, then I will probably end up being very unhealthy. In the future I could even become obese or have diabetes. So I decided that working on improving my nutrition for my “Wellness Plan” would be really important for me.

For the first week I decided to work on eating three meals a day. Ever since I started college, two years ago, I have been skipping meals daily. This could be contributing to my weight gain because my body could be reacting to every skipped meal as if it is starving. Therefore, my body is probably storing fat rather than burning it off.

This week went very well. I thought that it would be harder to fit three meals in a day than it was. I now know that I need to make time to eat my meals and that it should be a higher priority than it was to me. Especially since I’ve always put doing homework first. I realized that I’m usually really stressed, tired, and often have headaches whenever I do my homework. After this week I was definitely less stressed and tired when I did homework. The headaches I usually have also seemed to tone down quite a bit. It’s clear to me now that I need to put eating as a higher priority before homework. If I don’t, then my homework performance won’t be as well as it should be.