For my wellness plan I have chosen to better my diet and reduce the amount of sodium I consume. Sodium is used by the body to regulate blood pressure and is also critical in the functioning of muscles and nerves. When consumed in excess sodium can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, and kidney disease. Sodium occurs naturally in many foods and for that I have chosen to cut salt which is forty percent sodium to cut the excess sodium. I have a history of high blood pressure in my family so this is something that I have to regulate in order to avoid having complications later in my life. To start out I have taken this week to log all the foods I have eaten through out the week to take note of what foods I eat that are high in salt. In my log I noticed that even when I try to eat healthy meals I tend to add on an unhealthy element like for example when I eat a salad I tend to add croutons or when eating a sandwich with greens I eat a bag of chips as well. The problem seems to be that I pair the healthy with unhealthy high in salt foods. Now that I am aware of the trend I tend to follow next week I will begin eliminating the easier of the foods like chips and other junk foods to ease in to the new diet. Also, to add an extra element of healthy I will become more active by doing cardio, kick boxing, and jiu jitsu through out my wellness plan.