So for my wellness plan I decided to work on my unhealthy snacking. This week was to replace all my unhealthy snacks on Monday with healthier options. I would say it was successful for this week. On Monday I had a banana, some carrots, and a hardboiled egg.  I do snack more on Mondays because my classes are at times when I would normally eat a meal. Usually I just eat whatever I have around which most likely is something processed and full of sugar.

I didn’t struggle much this week and I found that throughout the week I was choosing snacks that were better for me. My original plan was to increase the number of days I eat healthy snacks by one day each week. So this week was one day, and next week will be two days and so on. I think this was a great start and I’m going to stick with it so I can hopefully kick sugary snacks out of my life.

Carrots before I ate them.