I really loved this wellness plan project that we had to do for class! I was really happy that I chose exercise as the area I was going to work on. I did notice that I had some good moments during my eight weeks but I also had some bad moments. Through the blogging though I felt that I was able to reflect on how I was feeling as time passed and that seemed to make a difference for me. I felt that by writing what I felt I was able to get my thoughts and emotions out and it helped me to not give up. The whole reflection process also helped me to assess parts of my plan that perhaps were too much/hard or too easy and it helped me to  change some things around and improve overall. I noticed that I really enjoyed exercising in other places besides the gym and once I encorporated that into my wellness plan, I noticed that I was much happier with what I was doing 🙂  The fact that I had someone to help me with my plan was awesome as well! I felt that made a major difference because I felt that I really had a great support system which also encouraged me to not give up. This project also helped me to tackle one thing at a time instead of seeing the project as a whole and I think that also helped me get through the eight weeks because it did not seem so overwhelming once it was broken down into weeks. Even though my wellness plan project is done, I feel like this is a new beginning for me. I am still going to keep my main goal of exercising more often and I also want to try to make other wellness plans for myself, that way I  can slowly improve other areas in my life. I look forward to what lies ahead with my future wellness plans.