triathalon training

My goal in my Wellness Plan was to stop eating the amount of unhealthy food that I had been eating and get in shape for my upcoming triathlons.  It was a simple enough concept to do this, but the execution was a little more difficult.  I love Jellybellys, and giving them up seemed like a possible, but annoying task.  I decided that I didn’t need to take Jellybellys out of my diet instead to just moderate how often I eat them and only eat them when I exercise a lot.  As my mother always says, “Calories in, calories out.”

Applying this concept to my wellness plan has made it more manageable and not an annoyance.  It gave me room to eat whatever I wanted every once in a while as long as I had exercised before hand.  I found that telling myself that I can eat unhealthy food because I am going to burn it off tomorrow, never worked.  I am happy with my discoveries and how my plan has developed and will continue this life style in the future.