For the past eight weeks, I have dedicated my time and my full attention to the Wellness Plan Project. Throughout this journey, the majority of my goals where actually  accomplished with everything that I was suppose to do but at some points, I failed for some reason. Some of those reasons were caused by knee injury and there was one point where I was just to exhausted and just ate junk food for 2 days straight. Although this happened in my Wellness Plan, this project made me a stronger person then ever as well as discovering my inner self. This was one of the best projects I had in my entire life not just because it was easy, but as a result of seeing how far you can go in this project, which can push you to a limit, that you never taught you can reach it. During this journey, my goal was to eat better and to be in better shape. These goals help me realized If I actually try and focus on improving an aspect of my life, then I will have the chance to change my life with better accomplishments throughout my entire life. I am very glad that our class participated in this project because we each get to discover our inner self and what we are capable of doing.