Before I was like....

And now I am like this!

My wellness plan has really helped me prioritize my life with school, homework, work, personal life, and being an RA. Obstacles I had were going to bed on time, before 11pm…as time went on it got easier, but it was still very difficult for me not to stay up and do homework or work, because I felt as if I needed to do it all.

And although I still have a hard time in saying “no” when people ask me to do things, I am able to help out and not feel so overwhelmed because I have started tasks early.

Things I had to adjust throughout this plan was adding in a couple things. I needed to add the whiteboard and add more reminders for myself for things, such as turning off my phone at 10pm or going to bed or taking 15 minutes off.

The best part about this is I am able to not get so stressed out everyday. Although, I still have my moments where I feel overwhelmed and get stressed, I do not have the occurrence everyday, which is a big thing for me, as I am known as the “stress bucket” of the family.

I am still applying my goals of the past 8 weeks to de-stress and I know it will help me throughout my college experience.