watching the clock

My Wellness Plan was to go to bed a half an hour earlier each week.  I was doing well for the first few weeks but life was hectic. There were some nights I could stay up later because I didn’t have class till noon the next day. I love hanging out with my friends so I would do anything to get out and hang with them between school and work. I found myself feeling tired and drained when I went to bed later than usual. I also felt depressed some days because I didn’t have the energy to do anything. I found that I need to concentrate my sleep schedule to the school days so I am awake and alert in class. It was nice rewarding myself in the beginning with just little things that helped me relax and have time to myself. I have officially concluded that Sunday-Thursday I should try to be in bed before 11:30pm. This wellness plan helped me realize where I lacked personal control of when to go to bed. I really enjoyed it over all. 🙂